Below are some of the most common issues and how to resolve them:

When I try adding an item to My Bag, I receive a message that says "qty not available".

This sometimes happens when an item becomes out of stock at the same time as you are trying to add it to your bag. For example, another customer may have added the last quantity of that item just before you did. If this happens, then it means the item is now out of stock online.

If you are still interested in that item, you can buy it in-store instead. Simply click on the "Find In Store" button for that item (you can find this under the "Add to Bag" button), and enter your postcode to see which of your local stores have that item in stock!

The checkout button is not visible on the My Bag page.

The checkout button disappears when there are out of stock items in your cart. To resolve this, go through the list of items in your cart and remove any out of stock items (these are marked with a red message that says "out of stock"). Once you do this, the checkout button will be visible again. 

When I click on the "Pay Now" button, nothing happens.

This issue is sometimes caused if you have an ad-block extension installed in your browser. To solve this issue, go to the "Extensions" tab in your browser and disable any ad blockers that you may have installed. Alternatively, go to a different browser and try checking out from there (for example, if you normally use Chrome, then try checking out through Firefox or Safari). 

When I click on "Pay Now", I am redirected to an external bank website.

This is completely normal. We have a technical measure in place called 3D Secure where your bank may ask you for some extra details to verify your payment. This is just an extra layer of security to make sure your details are protected and prevent fraud. 

I was redirected to the external bank website, but I did not receive a PIN from my bank.

You will need to contact your bank directly or use a different card. 

I am still having issues, what do I do?

If the above information did not solve your issue, please get in touch with us via our contact form.